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Posted on 2nd March, 2018

Health, Safety and Environment Consultancy

Jacksons is a health, safety and environment consultancy based in Stockton. We are delighted to launch our new website featuring an extended range of services to clients old and new.  Our familiar health and safety services support clients across the country managing risk within their business operations.  We have also extended our environmental services following growing demand from clients developing corporate social responsibility policies and dealing with regulatory demands.  Food safety is a new element and is introduced against a background of increased food safety regulation, supply chain challenges and consumer demands on food manufacturers.

Health and Safety

Our annual health and safety package provides unlimited telephone access to our health and safety consultants for support on any matters relating to health and safety. It provides reassurance that you can get practical advice from one of our experts whenever required. The service also provides an optional insurance indemnity which funds the cost of legal fees subject to advice being taken and followed. Regular updates on health and safety legislation and commentary by our experts is also included in the service.Overturned machinery

Whether you are implementing a new system or reviewing existing arrangements our consultants can provide support and expert advice. We can also support clients introducing OHSAS 18001 into the workplace. We can also provide a critical review of your existing policies and procedures and help in developing them to meet current and future legal requirements.

Independent audit and inspection provides board directors and senior management with assurance that risk management systems are suitable, appropriate and effective. We have experienced auditors who can inspect your current practices and provide advice on improvements where required.

When things go wrong we can provide clients with expert assistance dealing with regulators and investigating the incident. We regularly liaise with the Health and Safety Executive on behalf of clients.


Whether you are implementing a new environment management system or reviewing existing arrangements, our consultants can provide support and expert advice. We can also support clients introducing ISO 14001 into the workplace. As well as developing and maintaining legislation and aspects registers.Grass next to landfill site litter nets

If your business operates in a regulatory environment we are experienced in preparing applications for new environmental permits and variations to existing permits. We can provide advice on waste exemptions and other regulatory requirements including liaison with the Environment Agency.

Our environmental auditors can inspect your current practices and provide advice on compliance and best practice where required both on single and multi-site operations. We are competent to undertaken environmental investigations following incidents including root cause analysis to ensure that controls are implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future.  We regularly liaise with regulators such as the Environment Agency on behalf of clients.

Food Safety

High profile supply chain failures in recent years have thrown the food and drink sector into the spotlight and highlighted the importance of robust food safety control systems. We can provide advice on food labelling and packaging, food hygiene HACCP and supply chain security. We can provide training in food labelling and packaging, HACCP and introduction to food safety legislation.

Traininghealth, safety and environment consultancy

Training can be provided by our consultants who have experience presenting in-house and public course content. We can also develop bespoke training for our clients and our consultants are available to discuss your specific requirements.  Training can be provided at your workplace or other venue if required.

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To discuss your particular business needs please contact us; we would be delighted to hear from you.

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